Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Catechetical Talk #6 (Divine Providence)

Here is a talk I gave to my 3 prayer groups. The outline below is from the book, Exposition of Christian Doctrine (Part I.---DOGMA).



Definition: the care that God takes of His creatures


Proved from:

  • The very notion of God
  • The admirable order of the universe
  • Universal consent



  • God’s foresight because of His wisdom and His knowledge
  • God’s providing for in His goodness and His power


Our duties:

  • To adore God’s designs on us
  • To have confidence in Him
  • To accept everything with submission



The Problem of Evil


The existence of evil is not an argument against divine providence, for God, being absolutely good, can be the cause of good only. Physical evil, or suffering, and moral evil, or sin, arise from the imperfection of creatures. God turns evil into good. Thus in God’s designs physical evil may be: 1. A remedy, by recalling to the Creator through suffering, the soul that has forgotten Him; 2. A test of virtue, and consequently a source of merit; 3. An expiation of sin, for it is just that the pleasure sought in violating the divine law should be atoned for by pain. God turns moral evil into good, for: 1. In tolerating the wicked, He gives the just occasions for practicing heroic virtues; 2. In pardoning repentant sinners, He manifests His mercy and His clemency; and, 3. In punishing impenitent sinners, He exercises His eternal justice.

My Talk in English:



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