Monday, April 6, 2009

Saintly Quote of the Day (2009年4月6日)

The world is full of inconstancy; its friendship ceases the moment there is no advantage to be expected from us.---BL. JOHN TAULER.


Saintly Quotes for Lent (ON HUMILITY):

What is it, O my God, that we expect to gain by appearing well before creatures, and by pleasing them? What does it matter to us if we are blamed by them, and considered worthless, provided we are great and faultless before Thee? Ah, we never come fully to an understanding of this truth, and so we never succeed in standing upon the summit of perfection! The Saints had no greater pleasure than to live unknown and abject in the hearts of all.---ST. BERNARD.



All those who have truly wished to arrive at the possession of humility have applied themselves with all their power to the practice of humiliation, because they know that this is the quickest and shortest road thereto.---ST. BERNARD.