Friday, May 15, 2009

Catechetical Talk #8 (on Creation)

Here is my Catechetical talk on “Creation”. I gave this talk for my 3 prayer groups. Unfortunately, I could only find the English version. For some reasons, my recorder had not recorded my Chinese talk.



A Brief Outline:


  • General Notions about Creation: Creation is the act by which God makes out of nothing whatsoever beings He pleases.
  • The Order of Creation (3 phases): 1st: elements of matter created out of nothing; 2nd: order by separations; 3rd: the ornamentation of the earth.
  • Remarks on the Mosaic Record: purpose is to recall the great truths of religion
  • The End of Creation: for the Glory of God (Divine Plan: Irrational creatures are subordinated to man; man is subordinated to the Man-God; the Man-God as man is subordinated to God, the last end of all things and the supreme good of man)
  • To make use of creatures in order to know, love, and serve God, is man’s proximate end; to posses Him in His glory, is man’s ultimate end.
  • Practice: Detachment, Prudence, & Obedience.

Here a young member taking video of me talking during my talk. She said the video would be on Youtube. I am still waiting for the link…..

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