Saturday, May 23, 2009

Diaconate Ordination of my 2 Friends Today

 Today we have 2 new deacons in our Archdiocese. Edwin Kulling and Rodney Nootebos  were ordained by Archbishop Michael Miller. The Archbishop preached very well about the diaconate. The deacons serve Christ and the Church in word, liturgy, and charity.  The inspirational words of our Archbishop also helped me to renew my own commitment as a deacon in my heart during the Ordination Mass. Me and 4 other brother priests were ordained as deacons 4 years ago at the same Cathedral church.P1060436

I forgot my camera today, so I could only take photos with my cell phone…..


This is Deacon Edwin Kulling:


And this is Deacon Rodney Nootebos: