Friday, June 12, 2009

Catechetical Talk #10 (Creation of Man & the Fall)

This is the talk to my 3 prayer groups given on June 1st, 7th, & 8th. Source: Exposition of Christian Doctrine Part I Dogma.

  • Creation of Man
  • Nature of Man
      1. Body
      2. Soul
        1. Spirituality (the operations of the soul are immaterial)
        2. Freedom (proved by the testimony of consciousness, and by moral obligation & responsibility)
        3. Immortality (moral proofs: the necessity of a sanction of moral law, and the desire of perfect happiness)
      3. Relations of soul and body
  • The Trial
      1. Its End
        1. To acknowledge God’s sovereign dominion
        2. To merit everlasting happiness
      2. Its Nature
        1. Material and direct object: the fruit of a tree
        2. Act of submission
  • Creation of Woman
      1. Formation of her body
      2. An aid and companion of man
      3. Institution of marriage
      4. Unity of the human species
  • Primitive State
      1. Supernatural Gifts
        1. Justice
        2. Holiness
      2. Concomitant Gifts
        1. For the soul
          1. Science
          2. Domination of the appetites by the will
        2. For the body
          1. Incorruptibility
          2. Immortality
  • The Fall
    1. Temptation of the Serpent
    2. Fall of Eve
    3. Fall of Adam
    4. Nature and gravity of their sin
    5. Consequences
      1. For Adam and Eve: loss of the supernatural and the concomitant gifts bestowed on them
      2. For their posterity:
        1. Original sin
          1. Its nature
          2. Attestation of its existence
          3. Transmission
      3. Mary preserved from original sin
      4. Promise of a Redeemer

This time the quality of my Chinese talk is better than my English one. But the English talk covers more materials than the Chinese one…

My English talk:



My Chinese talk: