Monday, June 1, 2009

Confirmation @ St. Pat’s


Yesterday was Pentecost Sunday. We had Confirmation in our parish. There were 63 candidates of Confirmation.

Our pastor was supposed to confer the Sacrament. But he was sick last weekend, hence our Archbishop gave me the faculty to confer the Sacrament in his place.

Here is my sermon:


An Outline of my Sermon

I. Purpose of Confirmation (2-S’s)

II. Soldiers fight (2-S’s)

III. Daily Weapons (2-R’s)

IV. Build Catholic Identity (2-Day’s)

I. Purpose of Confirmation (2-S’s):

  • make us Soldiers of Christ
  • help us to become Saints

II. (Another 2- S’s) As Soldiers we…..

  • fight against sins
  • fight for souls

We renew our own baptismal promises before becoming Soldiers. We say “No” to Satin and determine to fight against sins. We say “Yes” to our Faith and determine to win souls to the one true Faith.

III. Our Daily Weapons (2-R’s):

  • Rosary
  • Reading

With Our Lady, let us spend 15 minutes to pray each day. A decade of the Rosary as morning prayer, and a decade of the Rosary as evening prayer. And spend 5 minutes for spiritual reading.

IV. To Build Catholic Identity (2-Day’s):

  • Keep Sunday holy
  • Make Friday special

We share more deeply the priesthood of Christ through Confirmation. We should put God first in our lives by going to church on Sunday. If we put God first, we can accomplish much more, because God will bless what we are doing.

Confirmation helps us to fight sins. In order to fight sins we have to say “no”. Sometimes we have even to say “no” to ourselves. Friday abstinence is a good way to train self-discipline. Let us keep Friday special by abstinence, or at least do some extra works of charity or say extra prayers for the sick.




Significant Gestures at the Rite of Confirmation:

1. The laying on of hands

2. Anointing of the forehead with chrism in the form of the cross

3. Sign of peace (with a slight blow on cheek)

  • The laying on of hands: a sign that a power is being conferred.
  • Anointing of the forehead with chrism in the form of the cross: signifies that the Catholic who is confirmed must always be ready to profess his faith openly and to practice it fearlessly.
  • Sign of peace (with a slight blow on cheek): one must be ready to suffer everything, even death, for the sake of Christ.

Effects of Confirmation:

1. increases sanctifying grace

2. gives special sacramental grace (helps us to live our faith loyally and to profess it courageously

3. imprints a lasting character on the soul (marks a Christian as a soldier of Christ forever)