Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Sunday Sermon for Trinity Sunday

The Feast of the Holy Trinity invites us to ponder on 2 questions:

  • What is God?

  • What has God done to us?

What is God?

  • There are two kinds of truth/mystery: truths of natural order (those which cultivated human reason can discover and demonstrate), and truths of the supernatural order (those whose existence can be known only by revelation).
  • The Mystery of the Holy Trinity is truth of the supernatural order.
  • We can know about the Mystery of the Holy Trinity, but cannot comprehend.
  • The full manifestation of this Mystery was reserved for the Son of God.
  • The internal operations of God are knowing and loving. By understanding, the Son is generated. By love, the Holy Spirit is proceeded.  

What has God done to us?

  • God the Father sent His only Son for love of us (Christmas).
  • God the Son gave Himself up for love of us (Easter).
  • God the Holy Spirit dwells in the Church for love of us (Pentecost).
  • We share in the divine life of the Blessed Trinity and we become temples of the Holy Trinity.

The Sign of the Cross

The Sign of the Cross is the epitome of the Creed (summary of the summary of what we believe), because it recalls the 3 fundamental mysteries of the Christian religion: the Holy Trinity, the Incarnation, and the Redemption.

The Sign of the Cross is the sign of the Christian because it reminds the Christian of his dignity, his titles, and his duties.

  • His Dignity: it was on the cross, at the price of the blood and death of Jesus Christ, that he was redeemed from the slavery of the devil and regenerated to supernatural life.
  • His Glorious Titles: By the very names of the divine Persons, which he pronounces: of the Father, whose adopted son he is; of the Son, whose co-heir he is; of the Holy Spirit, of whom he is the living temple.
  • His Duties: he should walk in the footsteps of Christ crucified, whose disciple he is.

We should make the sign of the cross with lively sentiments of faith, gratitude, and love.

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