Thursday, June 4, 2009

Special Assignment

Yesterday, our Archbishop announced pastoral appointments for priests. My classmate and good friend, Fr. Justin Huang has a very special appointment: Studies, Pontifical Ecclesiastical Academy, Rome.


This is a very unusual assignment. Fr. Justin will begin training for the "Diplomatic Service of the Holy See".

Here is a description of what  "Diplomatic Service of the Holy See" means:

The Holy See maintains full diplomatic relations with 177 countries throughout the world and sends diplomats to each country.  The purpose of these diplomatic relations is to promote peace, freedom and the fundamental rights of man.  The Holy See is a moral voice throughout the world and uses diplomacy as a means to help the world.

The diplomats of the Holy See are only priests chosen from around the world.  They have two broad tasks: 1) they serve the local Catholic church in a given country and are a conduit between the local bishops and the
Holy See; 2) they represent the Holy See to the civil state.

Fr. Justin’s training is supposed to last 4 years in Rome, where he will study Canon Law, languages, and international law/diplomacy.  God willing, after he finish his studies, he will be sent around the world to different "nunciatures" (embassies) where he will be a
junior diplomat.  The assignments usually last around 3 years, after which one is sent to a new assignment.

Let us keep Fr. Justin in our prayers.

Here is the list of new Pastoral Assignments.