Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Sunday Sermon for the 16th Sunday


2 Main Points:

  • The rhythm of the Christian life: work & pray
  • The Good Shepherd guide, feed, & protect the sheep

Work & Pray:

  • Avoid extremes: activism and laziness.
  • Activism: too busy, not even have time for Sunday Mass or daily prayer
  • We must put God first by going to Sunday Mass. God will bless our works.
  • We need to pray, reflect, & read each day in order to grow spiritually.
  • To avoid laziness: our prayer life should influence the quality of t he fulfillment of our duties.


Guide, Feed, & Protect:

  • We need direction in this confused world. Christ gives us direction through the teachings of the Church.
  • Each Sunday we are fed by Christ with Word & Sacrament.
  • The graces of Christ protect us from the flesh, the world, & the devil.

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