Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Sunday Sermon

It is especially difficult to talk about religion to one’s family. Because…..

1. There can be past wounds that we inflicted on them.

2. They think they know us all.

3. They think that we are trying to tell them that we are right, and they are wrong.

Lack of Faith is a big obstacle to receive the grace of Christ.

To believe means:

1. To believe in God.

2. To believe what God has revealed.

3. To entrust our lives to God because of His goodness.

Our Lord told St. Faustina that graces are received by the vessel of trust. The more we trust, the more graces we are capable of receiving. 

When we come to church listening to sermon and receiving the Sacraments, we should put in Faith and Love in order to be fruitful.

My English Sermon:


My Chinese Sermon: