Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Power of Praise and Thanksgiving

This evening (under the heat wave), we gathered at St. Mary, and listened to a wonderful presentation by Jeff Cavins on “The Power of Praise and Thanksgiving”.




Here are some things  I have learned this evening:

  • When faced with the battle of real life, praise should goes first.
  • To praise God, we must know Him and His plan.
  • Along with praise, we should have a thankful heart like Our Lady. 

Here are some “pointers” to  praise & thanksgiving:

1. praise as a form of discipline (not depend on feelings)

2. thanks for small & ordinary things

3. in all circumstances

4. should set aside time each day to thank God

5. publicly & corporally (esp. Holy Mass)

6. voluntarily fast from something that we take it for granted

7. keep a record of God’s blessings

8. show gratitude & thankfulness to people

9. if suffering from anxiety & worry, then raise and give thanks.