Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sacramentally Busy

These 10 days, my pastor is away on vacation. So I am sacramentally busy: have to say all the parish Masses plus 3 funeral Masses this week and 2 funeral Masses next week.

Today I celebrated a good number of Sacraments (though some of them I had to administer conditionally). I had the usual parish Saturday morning and evening Masses, with a good number of Confessions and a sick call to visit a dying Chinese lady in Burnaby, whom I anointed.

The special highlight today is a convalidation of marriage. I just baptized the daughter of the couple about 2 weeks ago. The mother of the baby was actually baptized at the Independent church and in good faith the couple were married in the Independent church as well. Today, I had the great joy of receiving the mother into the Catholic Church. But since we are doubtful about validity of the baptism of the Independent church, I did conditional Baptism and Confirmation for her. After the Reception into the Catholic Church, I celebrated the wedding Mass for the couple and witnessed their marriage.