Thursday, August 6, 2009

Catechetical Talk #13 (from Moses to Jesus)

My English Talk (July 20th)


My Chinese Talk (July 19th)


This is the outline of the talk I gave last month to my 3 prayer groups. The talk is on the O.T. history (from Moses to Jesus). An important moral lesson: exterior worship should be an expression of our interior worship--- Obedience is better than sacrifices.


Virtues and glory of Moses:

  • Providential liberator
  • Inspired legislator
  • Mighty wonder-worker


Mission of Josue

  • Entrance of the Hebrews into the Promised Land
  • Chastisement of the Chanaanites

The Judges

  • Liberating mission of the Judges


  • Establishment of the monarchy
  • Election and anointing of Saul
  • His act disobedience and of jealousy
  • His reprobation and his tragic death


  • His election and his anointing by Samuel
  • His institutions
  • His fidelity to God
  • His faults and his penance


  • His wisdom and his glory
  • The building of the temple
  • The wanderings of his old age

Schism of the Ten Tribes:

Kingdom of Israel

  • Conduct of Jeroboam
  • Perversity of the kings
  • Destruction of the kingdom
  • The prophets of Israel
  • Exemplary conduct of Tobias

Kingdom of Juda

  • Infidelity of the kings
  • Chastisements
  • Destruction of the kingdom by Nabuchodonosor
  • Role of the prophets of Juda

Babylonian Captivity

  • Prophetic mission of Jeremias in Judea
  • Consoling mission of Ezechiel in Babylon
  • Providential mission of Daniel at the court of the kings of Chaldea and Persia
  • Return from Captivity

The Jews under the Persians

  • Danger of extermination prevented by Esther
  • Rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem
  • Epoch of peace for the Jews

The Jews under the Greeks and the Egyptians

  • Alexander favorably disposed toward the Jews
  • Peace under the Egyptian kings
  • The Septuagint Version

The Jews under the Syrians

  • Persecution
  • Martyrdom of Eleazar and the Machebees

The Machabees

The Jews under the Romans

  • Quarrel for the priesthood
  • Herod the Idumean, king of the Jews
  • His cruelties

Providential mission of the Jews among the nations.

God made use of the Assyrians and Babylonians, to chastise his people; of the Persians, to re-establish them; of Alexander and his first successors, to protect them; of Antiochus and Illustrious and his successors, to try them; of the Romans, to sustain their liberty against the kings of Syria, whose only thought was to destroy it. The Jews remained to the time of Christ under the power of these very Romans.---BOSSUET.


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