Monday, August 24, 2009

Conferences for MC Sisters


Last Friday, I posted the article about Mother Teresa’s Order for the column, Pax Sinica at The B.C. Catholic. The theme of the article is the spirituality of the Missionaries of Charity: Loving Trust, Total Surrender, and Cheerfulness.

Last week, I preached a Triduum for the Sisters in preparation for their Feast day on Saturday. Below are my 3 talks to the Sisters. I especially recommend the last talk (TALK THREE).

TALK ONE (August 19th)

THEMES: Loving Trust & Faith


TALK TWO (August 20th)

THEMES: Summary of Talk One, Total Surrender, Hope, Poverty & Obedience



TALK THREE (August 21st)

THEMES: Summary of Talk Two, Cheerfulness, Charity, Chastity & Service to the Poorest of the Poor

(At the beginning of the talk, the Sisters corrected me on a detail in my article. They are allowed to wear socks in North America because for the cooler climate here)