Sunday, August 2, 2009

My Sunday Sermon for the 18th Sunday

Here are some main points of my sermon:

  • Life is wilderness, and Heaven is our promise land
  • Jesus is the new Moses
  • Jesus is the new Manna, the Bread from Heaven
  • Jesus is our food. By receiving Him, we become more like Him.
  • In honor to receive Jesus as our Food, we must believe in Him.
  • To believe in Jesus means: 1. to believe all that He taught and the teachings of the Church, 2. to keep His commandments of love, 3. to entrust our lives to Him---giving Him all that we have and all that we are, 4. to trust in His love always, no matter what happen in lives.
  • Obstacles of believing in Jesus: greed, lust, & pride.  

My English Sermon:



My Chinese Sermon: