Monday, August 10, 2009

Saint Philomena

Saint Philomena is one of my favorite saints. Her Feast Day is August 11th.



Dear Saint Philomena pray for us, that through thy powerful intercession, we may obtain that purity of mind and heart which lead to the perfect love of God !


Here is a description about the saint.


Here is the official web site of the shrine of Saint Philomena.


“Why is Saint Philomena making such a powerful spiritual return in our own times? I believe one reason is that the youth of today need an example of heroic Christian purity, even when they do not find support for purity from their society, their friends, even at times from their own parents. Many of today’s youth are being exposed to numerous occasions of blasphemy and impurity through pornography, immodest clothing, obscene movies, and oftentimes, most tragically, with the consent of their parents.

Today’s youth need a young heroic witness for the upholding of Christian purity even if their peers and their own parents are not encouraging them. They face situations very similar to those which Philomena had to contend with. Both the Emperor and her parents encouraged her to become the Empress of Rome—the highest position of power and fame the world could offer any woman. Similarly, our young people are continually tempted by the allure of power and pride and illicit pleasures. Because Philomena said yes to Christ and to His Kingdom, it is little wonder that Jesus is making her well known again as the Patroness of Purity, for the young people of the twenty-first century.”---DR. MARK MIRAVALLE.