Tuesday, August 25, 2009

URGENT PRAYER REQUEST for Anthony Wong (TOGI Garment) and family!

Please pray for Anthony Wong, owner of Togi Garment.  He has a heart attack on Friday. 
Anthony Wong has been a very generous donor.  He donated lots of high-quality clothing for our St. Mary's/St. Paul's/Corpus Christi WYD 2005 fundraising, St. John the Apostle WYD 2005, St. Mary's Youth
Ministry, St. Mary's Street Ministry, WCCCLC, St. Francis Xavier bazaars, and other Christian groups.  He is a Catholic himself.  He and his family goes to Corpus Christi or St. Patrick’s every Sunday.

He is now on life-support.  Both his lung and heart are not functioning!  His chance of living is very limited.  His wife and children are

Please pray that God will heal Anthony and console his family!  God bless!