Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Catechetical Talk#17: The Most Blessed Virgin

Below is the talk I gave to my 3 prayer groups on The Most Blessed Virgin. The English recording was done on Sept. 21, and the Chinese recording was done on Sept. 28.

Part II of the English recording is on the 7 words of Mary and reflections on her holiness of life.

Part II of the Chinese recording is on the Prerogatives of Mary and Devotion to Mary.

This site has my other talks. You can also click here for my other Catechetical Talks for my prayer groups.

English Talk (Part I):


English Talk (Part II):


Chinese Talk (Part I):


Chinese Talk (Part II):


Her Life

  • Her Pre-existence
    • Mary predestined to be Mother of God
    • Mary foretold by Isaias, David and Solomon
    • Mary prefigured by Eve, Sara, Debbora, Judith and Esther
  • Her Ancestors
    • Her parents
    • She was of the family of David
  • Difference Epochs of Her Life
    • Her miraculous birth
    • Her presentation in the temple
    • Her marriage to St. Joseph
    • The annunciation of the incarnation of the Word
    • The visit to her cousin Elizabeth
    • Her journey to Bethlehem, and the birth of Jesus
    • Her purification and the presentation of Jesus
    • Her flight into Egypt
    • Her sojourn at Nazareth
  • Her Relations with Jesus during His Public Life
    • At the marriage in Cana
    • After the cure of one possessed by the devil
    • On Calvary
  • Her Position in the Infant Church
    • Retirement in the supper-room
    • Assistance and protection
    • Mary at Ephesus with St. John
    • Her blessed death

Her Prerogatives

  • Immaculate conception
  • Perfect sanctity
  • Divine maternity
  • Perpetual virginity
  • Assumption
  • Titles in our regard

Devotion to Mary

  • Its Foundation
  • Its Advantages
  • Its Principal Practices