Saturday, September 26, 2009

Catechetical Talks for Prayer Group

Here are three catechetical talks that I gave to my 3 prayer groups this month and last month.

I encourage you to read the outlines of the talks (taken from a good manual for priests & catechists) to enrich your Catholic Faith. For my prayer groups members who have missed any of the meeting(s), you are encouraged to listen to the talk(s) on-line.

My 3 prayer groups meet on Sunday night (Chinese), Monday morning (Chinese), and Monday night (English). We have meeting twice a month. We spend the first 45 minutes in prayers and the next 45 minutes in catechetical talk.

We meet in Vancouver. Here are our upcoming events. If you are interested in joining us, please contact me at 

Talk #14: O.T. Types of Jesus

Messianic Types in general

  • Definition
  • Authenticity
    • Holy Scripture
    • Tradition
    • Conformity between the Types and the Reality
  • Division
    • Personal
    • Real

Typical Personages

  • Before the Deluge
    • Adam, father of the human race, united to a spouse formed from one of his ribs
    • Abel, persecuted and put to death by Cain
    • Noe, saving men from the deluge
  • From the Deluge to Moses
    • Abraham, father of the faithful
    • Melchisedech, offering a sacrifice of bread and wine
    • Isaac, carrying the wood of the sacrifice
    • Jacob, father of the twelve patriarchs and the people of Israel
    • Joseph, sold by his brothers, and suffering unjustly
    • Job, suffering with patience
    • Moses, wonder-worker, doctor, and lawgiver
  • From Moses to the Messiah
    • Aaron, high-priest and repairer  of wrong
    • Josue, leading the Hebrews into the Promised Land
    • Gedeon, triumphing over the enemies of Israel
    • Samson, in his strength
    • David, in his humility and his glory
    • Solomon, in his power and his wisdom
    • Jonas, in his resurrection


  • The tree of life, whose fruit was a pledge of immortality
  • The paschal lamb, immolated and eaten
  • The manna, heavenly food
  • The brazen serpent, the sight of which caused wounds to heal

In English:


In Chinese:


Talk #15: The Incarnation

The Mystery of the Incarnation in General

  • Definition of the Mystery
  • History of its Revelation
    • Revealed in the Old Testament
    • Announced in the New Testament to the Blessed Virgin
  • Names of the Son of God made man
    • Jesus Christ is our Saviour
    • Jesus Christ is prophet, priest, and king
    • Jesus Christ is our Lord
  • Teaching of the Church

The Divine Nature

  • Jesus Christ affirms His Divinity
    • By attributing to Himself divine rights and honors
    • By declaring Himself God in the presence of His apostles, of the people,and again of Caiphas
  • Jesus Christ proves His Divinity
    • By the holiness of His life
    • By the perfection of His doctrine
    • By His miracles and prophecies
    • By the existence of His Church

The Human Nature

  • The Soul of Jesus Christ
    • Like that of man. Yet different by its incomparable perfections
    • Intellect
      • Has beatific knowledge
      • Has infused knowledge
      • Has acquired knowledge
    • Will
      • Impeccable
      • Not subject to concupiscence
      • Perfectly free
    • Heart
      • Has perfect love
      • Is subject to moral pain
    • Graces, gifts, and virtues
      • Grace of union with the Word
      • Habitual grace
      • Actual helping grace
      • Gratuitous gifts
      • Gifts of the Holy Spirit
      • Theological virtue of charity
      • Moral virtues
    • Exempt from original sin
  • Body of Jesus Christ
    • Its perfect reality
    • Its miraculous formation
    • Its relative perfection





Talk #16: Jesus Christ, Our Lord

Hypostatic Union

  • Nature of the Union of the two Natures
    • Personal union
    • Unity of person in Christ
    • Distinction of natures
    • Distinction of operations
  • Consequences of the Hypostatic Union
    • Christ’s human nature is adorable
    • His human operations have an infinite value
    • The Most Blessed Virgin is Mother of God
    • Communication of idioms
  • Imperfect image of this Union: Man (body & soul)

Wonders of the Incarnation

  • Manifestation of the divine attributes
  • Glorification of humanity
  • Blessings bestowed on mankind

Fitness of the Incarnation

  • Reason of the Incarnation
  • Necessity not absolute, but relative
  • Why the Son was made man rather than the Father or the Holy Spirit


  • Deny the human nature
    • Christ has not a real body (Gnosticism)
    • Christ’s soul is not rational (Apollinarism)
    • Christ’s soul is not endowed with a will (Monothelitism)
    • The human nature is lost in the divine nature (Eutychianism)

  • Deny the divine nature
    • Christ is not God because the Word is not God (Arianism)
    • In Christ human nature forms a distinct person from that of the Word (Nestorianism)