Friday, September 18, 2009

Saintly Quote of the Day (2009年9月18日)

Armed with prayer, the saints sustained a glorious warfare and vanquished all their enemies. By prayer, also, they appeased the wrath of God, and obtained from Him all they desired.---VEN. LOUIS OF GRANADA.


Here are a few more quotes about the importance of loving God rather than just working:

We are thinking of great works for God, but God is thinking of great love from us.---M. EUGENE BOYLAN.


An instant of pure love is more precious in the sight of God, and of the soul, and more profitable to the Church than all other good works put together, though it may seem as if nothing were done.---ST. JOHN OF THE CROSS.


The most valuable part of our life is often that which we esteem least, and the good works in which we think to have done great things for God and His Church, may have little real value in His eyes.---M. EUGENE BOYLAN.