Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Saintly Quote of the Day (2009年10月21、22 日)

We should never abandon, on account of the difficulties we encounter, an enterprise undertaken with due reflection.---ST. VINCENT DE PAUL.

Being all members of the same body, with the same head, who is Christ, it is proper that we should have in common the same joys and sorrows.---VEN. LOUIS DE GRANADA.

Quotes on the Priesthood:

If holiness is neglected, no longer will the priest be able to be the salt of the earth; for what is corrupted and contaminated is not capable of giving integrity; hence, when sanctity is lacking, there corruption must be.---ST. PIUS X.

As the whole life of the Savior was directed toward the sacrifice of Himself, so the life of the priest, which should reproduce in itself the image of Christ, ought also to be with Him, and through Him and in Him, a pleasing sacrifice.---PIUS XII.

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