Monday, November 16, 2009

Saintly Quote of the Day (2009年11月16、17、18、19、20 日)

In raising human nature to heaven by His ascension, Christ has given us the hope of arriving thither ourselves.---ST. THOMAS AQUINAS.

It is useless to subdue the flesh by abstinence, unless one gives up his irregular life, and abandons vices which defile his soul.---ST. BENEDICT.

No prayers are so acceptable to God as those which we offer Him after communion.---ST. ALPHONSUS.

It avails nothing to subdue the body, if the mind allows itself to be controlled by anger.---ST. GREGORY THE GREAT.

What is it that renders death terrible? Sin. We must therefore fear sin, not death.---ST. ALPHONSUS.

In the second Purgatory, which is still Purgatory but very different from the first, one suffers a great deal, but less than in the great [first] place of expiation. Then there is a third stage, which is the Purgatory of desire, where there is no fire. The souls who did not desire Heaven ardently enough, who did not love God sufficiently are there. It is there that I am at this moment. Further, in these three parts of Purgatory, there are many degrees of variation. Little by little, as the soul becomes purified, her sufferings are changed.---AN UNPUBLISHED MANUSCRIPT ON PURGATORY.