Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas 2009

St. Patrick’s church is beautifully decorated.

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My Mid-Night Mass Sermon at St. Patrick’s:


During the 3 PM Chinese Mass at Corpus Chirsti, I had the joy to baptize and confirm an elderly man.


My Sermon during Chinese Mass:




It’s always a joy to see people whom I was blessed to baptize. I baptized the two girls 3 years ago on the Feast of the Holy Family. And I baptized their mom at Easter, 2007. We had a few photos together on this holy day of Christmas.

After celebrating 4 Christmas Masses and hearing Confessions, I am feeling a bit tired now. Will go to bed early! Good night world!

Wish you all a blessed Christmas!!!


An outline of my Sermon:

Prophet: He is not only the Messenger of God. He is the Message. By contemplating the Infant Jesus, we learn about the Love of God. Jesus was born in humiliation, poverty, and suffering to expiate the pride, covetousness, and sensuality of men.

Priest: We are born to live, but only He was born to die. I preached about the connection between the Crib and the Cross. And the connection between the Crib and the Altar.

King: the three-fold birth of Christ—eternal birth of the Word, birth as man, and birth in souls by grace. We need to choose light, not darkness.