Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Some Projects (Relics & FLL)

There are a few projects going on in my life. Want to share couple of them with you and ask for your prayers.

I am currently working on Lenten expositions of holy relics for students, parishioners, prayer groups members, and participants of retreat. I am still trying to obtain a number of relics from different religious communities. I have just started to put some relics into wooden frames. We are going to form a team of volunteers from my prayer groups to write a description for each 1st class relic at the expositions.

Prayer group meeting in the presence of 16 relics (there were 12 relics inside the box!):


Relics in my office:



Just received a 1st class relic from Italy:


Last night, I put some holy relics into a wooden frame:


Today, I put some 2nd & 3rd class relics into another wooden frame:


Will keep you update about my project on holy relics.


FLL 生命恩泉

There is a new Father Anthony Ho’s corner (何庭耀神父專欄) at the Fountain of Love and Life (生命恩泉) Website.

image image

Right now, the corner has couple photos of me at the FLL Gala dinner on November 29, and my welcome letter for the Gala. We are planning to put more materials there in the near future.

I am now working on the talks for my next radio recording for FLL. I am planning to include more stories, and to use a style that is more lively. Hope that will work out well.

Please keep these two projects and my other pastoral works in your prayers. Thanks.