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New Style for FLL Radio Program


Starting on January 30, my segment @ the FLL radio program (愛的恩泉電台節目) will have a different style. You will hear the voice Irene Wong as well. With 2 people talking, we hope the talk will be more lively and interesting.

Please tune in AM 1470 @ 8 PM (Vancouver time) on Saturday. If you are in Toronto, please tune in AM 1430 @ 6 PM.

We are going to talk about Saint Mutien Marie Wiaux on the 30th. For more information, please read my article about him at the BC Catholic newspaper (Oct 26, 2009).

To contact me, please email

Saint Mutien Marie Wiaux, Pray for Us !

Some Personal Updates

Haven’t got the time to blog for almost a week now!!!  Here are some photos & updates from the past week:

Last Saturday (January 23), I started a series of Catechetical course for FLL volunteers in Vancouver. The class was opened to all. So there were about 120 people came. I taught them the Creed. Coming Saturday I will teach the Commandments, and on February 6, I will teach the Sacraments.




Last Sunday, I had the joy to baptize a baby boy at St. Patrick’s


Last Monday (January 25), there was a Priests Appreciation Dinner organized by the Catholic Women League. Our Archbishop and more than 90 priests were at the dinner.




On Tuesday (January 26), I had the great joy of receiving the first class relic of Blessed Maria Gabriella, whom I wrote about on the last week BC Catholic article. I used the sacred relic to bless students during classroom visits. I also exposed the relic with the relic of Blessed Restituta Kafka during the Wednesday Children Prayer Group.



Yesterday, I had the great joy of welcoming a new student to my Catechism class for non-Catholics (RCIA). She contacted me after hearing our Chinese radio programs @ AM 1470.

image Today, I finally have some time to blog and to update my website a bit:

Pax Sinica Article (Jan. 25)--- Priestly Vocation 神品聖召

January 22 was the 46th anniversary of the death of Monsignor Louis Forget. During his time as pastor of St. Patrick's, Monsignor Forget inspired many young men to the holy priesthood. Vocation is a great gift from God that need to be nurtured and fostered. The Church commemorates St. John Bosco on January 31, who was an ardent promoter of priestly vocations.

Signs of Priestly Vocation

St. John Bosco once pointed out to a young man the three signs of a priestly vocation:

The first sign is moral goodness. St. John Bosco saw the keeping of the Commandments regarding the virtue of chastity as the fundamental requirement of moral goodness. St. John Bosco pointed out that confessor is the best judge about a person's moral goodness.

The second sign is sufficient intellectual ability. St. John Bosco pointed out that it is the task of ecclesiastical superiors to judge the intellectual ability of aspirants to the priesthood through examinations.

The third sign is clerical spirit. Clerical spirit is the inclination and interest to participate the liturgical ceremonies of the Church. Clerical spirit also includes the strong desire for the clerical state, and the preference of the clerical state over all other positions in society.

Means to Foster Priestly Vocation

In 1876 during a meeting with the rectors of the Salesian order, St. John Bosco proposed some simple but effective means to foster priestly vocation: First, encourage young people to receive the Sacraments frequently. Second, treat young people with great love. Third, show great confidence to those young men who are more mature and have attraction to the priesthood by entrusting some tasks to them. Fourth, give good example by celebrating liturgical rites with great reverence. Fifth, encourage young people to do altar serving. Sixth, show young people personal care: chat with them, listen to them, and encourage them to share their own stories.

Discerning a Vocation

To discern a vocation, we must turn to God, submit to others, and be honest with oneself.

We must turn to God in prayer. Vocation is a gift from God. To discern this gift, we must be willing to listen to God. Prayer helps us to open our heart to God and to be docile to His inspirations. Prayer also helps us to achieve that clarity of mind which enables us to judge things according to the light of faith. Making retreats and daily meditations are effective means to discover the will of God for us.

We must submit to others. When discerning a vocation, the proper authority of the Church make judgment regarding the suitability of the aspirants to the priesthood. During the period of priestly formation the roles of spiritual director and confessor are very crucial in judging the moral goodness and the proper intention of the candidate.

We must be honest with oneself. Following the will of God brings us a profound sense of peace. Acting contrary to God's will brings us a sense of uneasiness and emptiness. An aspirants must ask himself honestly what is his intention in becoming a priest. St. John Bosco encouraged young men who were discerning vocation to imagine oneself to be at the point of death, and to reflect one's decision in the light of eternity.

Like St. John Bosco and Monsignor Forget, may we priests continue to inspire many young men to the dignity of Holy Orders.


一月二十二日是類斯.福瑾Louis Forget蒙席逝世四十六週年。福瑾蒙席任聖伯特利爵St. Patrick’s堂主任司鐸時,激勵了不少年青人追隨神品聖召。聖召是天主極大的恩典,但需要培育和滋養。教會於一月三十一日紀念的聖若望.鮑思高John Bosco神父,便是培育年青神品聖召的表表者。



第一個標記就是良好的品行。聖鮑思高視遵守第六誡(守貞潔之德)是良好品行最基本的要求。關於這點, 聽告解的司鐸最能作出判斷。

第二個標記就是充份的學識。關於這點, 教會長上能透過適當的考試而作出决定。

第三個標記就是具備神職的精神。聖鮑思高說: 「所謂神職精神, 就是覺得一種傾向和興趣, 去參與適合自己年齡和本份的聖堂各種禮儀。神職精神有一種更重要的特色, 就是使人喜歡這種地位勝於其他地位, 即使其他地位能為他帶來更大的名利。」


一八七六年,聖鮑思高在慈幼會Salesian Order 的院長會議上,建議一些簡單而又有效培育聖召的方法:第一,鼓勵青年勤領聖事;第二,向青年顯示極大的愛心;第三,對那些年長及有晉鐸傾向的青年顯示很大的信任。例如委託他們做一些工作;第四,妥善並端莊地舉行聖堂的禮儀,好能給青年立下虔敬和聖善的好榜樣;第五,鼓勵孩子們參加輔祭團;第六,親切地對待青年人。例如跟他們閒聊、說笑、聽他們傾訴、鼓勵他們多分享自己內心的故事。



多祈禱: 聖召是天主的恩賜。我們要識別這恩賜就應藉祈禱去聆聽天主。祈禱幫助我們向天主敞開內心,追隨祂的指引。祈禱也能淨化我們的心, 好能以信德的光判斷事物。退省和每天默想,都是識別天主聖意的好方法。

服從長上: 在識別聖召期間, 教會的長上要對一個人是否適合作神職人員作出判决。在培訓司鐸神品期間,神師和聽告解司鐸,在判斷接受培訓者的道德和意向,也負上重要的一環。

內心誠實: 承行天主聖意的人,能享有真正的內心平安; 違抗天主聖意,會帶來不安和空虛。有志做神父的人,必需撫心自問,自己想做神父的真正動機何在。聖鮑思高建議有志於聖召的年青人,嘗試想像臨終一刻,怎樣做出踏進永生的抉擇。


Please visit my personal site for my other Pax Sinica articles.

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Pope Encourages Priests to Blog

Please click HERE for the Holy Father’s Message of World Communications Day.

The Holy Father wrote:

The spread of multimedia communications and its rich "menu of options" might make us think it sufficient simply to be present on the Web, or to see it only as a space to be filled. Yet priests can rightly be expected to be present in the world of digital communications as faithful witnesses to the Gospel, exercising their proper role as leaders of communities which increasingly express themselves with the different "voices" provided by the digital marketplace. Priests are thus challenged to proclaim the Gospel by employing the latest generation of audiovisual resources (images, videos, animated features, blogs, websites) which, alongside traditional means, can open up broad new vistas for dialogue, evangelization and catechesis.

Yet priests present in the world of digital communications should be less notable for their media savvy than for their priestly heart, their closeness to Christ. This will not only enliven their pastoral outreach, but also will give a "soul" to the fabric of communications that makes up the "Web".

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3 interesting, inspiring, & informative videos for you to enjoy

Feast of St. Agnes

Death Certificate on Holy Shroud

Apocalyptic Thinking

Nick’s Pro-Life Story

The following is a story of the humble beginnings of my son Nicholas and I. We thank God daily for the Pro-Lifers who were present in body, mind, spirit, and prayer so the life of my only son was spared.

As a young woman, abandoned at the church altar after seven years of engagement, and with a child in the womb, I was fearful of telling angry parents, displeased that their eldest daughter was the first in the family tree to become pregnant out of wedlock.

Three turmoil-filled weeks later, the father of the baby returned to escort me to the abortion clinic. After sitting through a slide show of how my child would be suctioned out of my body to end this "untimely pregnancy," I was assigned the state-mandated "professional counseling." The clinic worker asked if my family could help me with the pregnancy, then if the father of the baby might. After only those two questions, she closed my folder, sighed, and said, "Well, it's decided then."

In the waiting room, two giggling girls laughed at their simultaneous abortions after their simultaneous one-night stands. As I looked around, I saw a middle aged woman, looking miserable, and several college-age mothers whose boyfriends didn't even bother to show up. I stared, stricken, into the eyes of a Chinese couple, as a wicked arm slid across my own shoulders and a voice whispered, "I don't know what a couple like us is doing in a place like this."

Quietly, heads held low, the mothers were called up to the desk for the privilege of paying Planned Parenthood to kill our children. Suddenly startled, I asked, "What's that there, on top of my file?"

The cashier quickly hid my ultrasound from sight. "Wait! I saw a head, little arms, and little legs!"

The check had been taken, and all the woman said was, "Go back to your seat now, dear, and wait for your name to be called."

I returned to the father and pleaded, "This is not right. I saw the baby.  We must find a way to work this out. We must leave this place!"

His only reply was: "I can't."

Again, the clinic workers began shuffling the group of mothers into individual bathroom stalls, an eerie reminder of junior high days, in simpler times than these. Dressed in our hospital gowns, we were shown to the abortionist's "Procedure Room." I slowly slid onto the cold metal table, next to a silver tray perfectly lined with sharp polished knives of every shape and size.

A craggy woman hobbled into the room. With a voice as cold as ice, she said, "The doctor will be here in five minutes. Be ready!" That was the extent of my "doctor-patient consultation."

But wait!  The faith-filled are in prayer, in adoration chapels, in nursing homes, in Catholic Churches: Christians are praying even at these gates of Hell. Men and women kneel with reverence, raising rosaries and their hands to Heaven: "Save the unborn!  Save them, God!"

Courageous Christian women are working in a flurry, in offices, on computers, budgeting pro-life funds, recruiting professional counselors with master's degrees. Archbishops, bishops, monsignors, priests, brothers, and deacons are untiringly proclaiming life from the pulpit.  Sisters are serving God's most vulnerable in maternity homes and in foster care. Donors give monetary gifts and grandmothers are providing baby layettes, complete with mini-crocheted afghans. Real men, strong men, are marching in pro-life pilgrimages, building pregnancy shelters and telling their daughters, "I love you. Always come to me in an emergency."

One single client and her baby slipped away that day.

I tore off the hospital gown, dressed, and rushed to take that first unforgettable step out of the abortion clinic. I'd be mother and father to this special baby boy.

Six staff members surrounded me and asked, "Where will you go?  What will you do?"

I turned my head over my shoulder as I ran out the door, "I don't know -- but this, this I know is wrong!"

Barely audible in the background, a nurse whispered, "She could go to Birthright."

Thank you to the beautiful Christian women who continue to walk steadfast in Christ's steps, yet bend down to pick up the less fortunate along the way. It is up to us to spread our pro-life beliefs at every opportunity. We know there are countless more rosaries to be prayed. We must always, in every way, strive to do more for the pro-life cause in service to our God.

God Bless your families and your children and may He keep them safe and protected always! 
Jillian & Nicholas Stojeba 
Missionaries of Life

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Photos from the Past Week

Last Saturday (January 9) we had FLL 生命恩泉 ( ) Vancouver volunteers gathering.




On Sunday (January 10), I participated a retreat for the grade 12 girls of St. Patrick’s high school.






Here is my sermon for the girls. I talks a lot about St. Theresa the Little Flower.






imageMonday Chinese Prayer Group in the presence of about 25 relics:



Early this week, I cleaned up my office and made room for a small shrine for the relics under my care:






Relic of the True Cross (with St. Mary Mary Magdalen, St John Vianney, & St. Philomena):






I am working on having expositions of sacred relics during Lent at high school, elementary school, & retreats.

On Tuesday (January 12) evening, I did recording for FLL 生命恩泉 radio programs. This time FLL Vancouver coordinator, Irene Wong, did the recording with me. Hopefully, having another voice at my talks will help to make the program more lively. You can start hearing Irene’s voice at my talk on January 30. If you are from Toronto, it’s AM 1430 @ 6 PM on Saturday. If you are from Vancouver, it’s AM 1470 @ 8 PM on Saturday.


In the last few days, I gave away a number of 3rd class relics of Mother Teresa to young people. It’s wonderful to see the joy of young people receiving relics. For most of them, it was the first time they received a relic.


I feel blessed to have a 2nd class relic of Mother Teresa:

P1070947This crucifix is a reliquary which contains the relics of St. Paul of the Cross, St. Vincent Mary Strambi, St. Gabriel Possenti, St. Gemma Galgani, & St. Maria Goretti. I love to carry this crucifix with me, and to make the Stations of the Cross with it. I used this crucifix to bless young people this week during classroom visits.

image image

This week I also prayed much for the poor people in Haiti. Let’s continue to pray for all those who are suffering now, and for those who have died.

Pax Sinica Article Jan 18--- 願眾人合而為一 Being one


近日,有些天主教網誌稱當今教宗本篤十六世為「基督徒合一的教宗」。著名網誌主持人、茂德.菲尼幹Tim Finigan神父描述教宗是「實幹合一,不尚空談,為分享同一信仰的聖公會信徒,提供切實合一的機緣。」在這裏,讓我們認識兩位為基督徒合一作出貢獻及犧牲的聖人。

聖方濟.沙雷St. Francis de Sales

聖人出生於一五六七年,一五九三年晉鐸,來到沙伯來(Thonon-les-Bains )傳教,意欲感化非天主教的基督徒。艱苦了三年,仍沒有人歸化。但聖人異常耐心。人們不願來聽他講道, 他便編撰了一些宗教傳單, 親手抄寫, 並把它們放進屋門下。這些傳單後來被編為「公教辯証」一冊。

聖方濟的忍耐與和善,讓他的傳教工作,漸見端倪。父母們不願接近他, 他就接近兒童, 並與他們同樂同娛; 後來父母們見到他對兒童的良善, 便開始願意與他交談。


聖人給「聖母往見會」創辦人, 聖婦桑達爾Jane de Chantal, 寫道:「我一向主張, 誰懷着愛去宣講, 縱然他沒有說出任何爭議性的詞句, 他便能有效地戰勝異端徒。」

真福瑪利亞.嘉俾娜Blessed Maria Gabriella



一九三八年一月,基督徒合一週前,聽得長上呼籲為合一祈禱、奉獻; 嘉俾娜修女感到天主願意她把自己年輕的生命奉獻作為合一的犧牲。

嘉俾娜修女在徵得修院長上同意後,便鄭重地把生命作犧性奉獻給主。天主接納了她的奉獻:不消數月, 康健的她,突罹肺病。嘉俾娜一直為合一祈禱和受苦, 直至一九三九年四月二十三日病逝為止。當日是「善牧主日」。



January 18 to 25 is the Octave of Christian Unity. Before his passion, Jesus prayed to the Father that all his believers might be one (John 17:21). During these eight days, we pray that all Christians will eventually reach full communion with the Holy Father, the successor of Peter, so that there will be “one flock, one shepherd” (John 10:16).

Recently, some Catholic blogs started calling our present Holy Father, Benedict XVI, “The Pope of Christian Unity.” One prominent Catholic blogger, Father Tim Finigan, observed that “Pope Benedict has begun to 'walk the walk' rather than simply 'talk the talk' on ecumenism, providing for the real and concrete prospect of unity with those Anglicans who share our faith.” In this article, I would like to share with you the stories of two saints who worked and sacrificed for Christian Unity.

St. Francis de Sales

Born in 1567, St. Francis was ordained a priest in 1593. As a young priest, he started an expedition to Thonon-les-Bains, France, to convert non-Catholic Christians back to Catholicism. After three difficult years, there was not even one convert. But, St. Francis was an unusually patient man. He wrote out his leaflets, copied them by hand, and slipped them under the doors of the people who would not listen to him. These leaflets were later published in one volume called The Catholic Controversy.

St. Francis won the heart of the people gradually with his patience and kindness. The parents would not come to St. Francis, so he came to their children and played with them. When the parents saw how kind he was as he played with their children, they started to talk to him.

Eventually more and more people came to St. Francis to listen to his sermons, and conversions became increasingly frequent. By the time he left Thonon-les-Bains, St. Francis had brought 40,000 people back to Catholicism.

Writing to St. Jane de Chantal, St. Francis remarked, “I have always said that whoever preaches with love is preaching effectively against the heretics, even though he does not say a single controversial word against them.”

Blessed Maria Gabriella

Born in 1914, Marie Gabriella was a girl of strong will. She was obstinate and rebellious, but with a strong sense of duty and loyalty. She obeyed grumblingly, but she was docile. She would say, “no,” and then go at once to her appointed task.

The sorrows caused by the death of her closest sister brought about a profound change in her life. At the age of 18, people noticed she became gentler. The spirit of prayer and of charity grew in her. At 21, she joined a Trappist monastery. When she became a professed religious, her attitude to God was, “now do what You will.”

In January 1938, shortly before the Octave of Christian Unity, the abbess of the monastery explained to the community the request for prayer and offering for the great cause of Christian Unity. Sister Marie Gabriella felt compelled to offer her young life for this cause.

After consultations with superiors, she made an act of self-offering to God. God accepted her offering. Up until this time she was in good health, but in a few months she had tuberculosis. Sister Marie Gabriella prayed and suffered for the cause of Christian Unity until her death on Good Shepherd Sunday, April 23, 1939.

Pope John Paul II beautified her on January 25, 1983. The Pope called her life “a sign from God” to the Church and a model of “the spiritual ecumenism that is the soul of the ecumenical movement.”

Like Blessed Marie Gabriella, let us pray and sacrifice for the cause of Christian Unity and, like St. Francis de Sales, let us treat other non-Catholic Christians with respect, love, and kindness.

Pax Sinica Article (Jan. 11)--- 洗禮 Baptism







既然成了基督的同繼承人, 我們就要堅信祂的真道,效法祂的德行, 並宣認對祂的信仰。





「有聲音從天上發出」,宣認耶穌為天父的愛子,我們藉聖洗,同為天父的兒女。耶穌因祂自己的本性是天主子; 而我們藉着聖洗,因聖寵而成了天父所鍾愛的兒女。



既然成了天父的兒女, 我們就要孝愛天主,遵守祂的誡命。



尊榮: 基督在十字架上以祂的寶血及聖死付出了我們脫離罪惡及獲得重生的代價。

名銜: 我們是天父的子女,聖子的同繼承人,和聖神的宮殿。

本份: 作為主的門徒, 我們要步武被釘者基督。



We celebrated the Feast of the Baptism of Our Lord last Sunday. This Feast marks the conclusion of the Christmas season. On Christmas day, we celebrated the birth of Christ, and on the Feast of Baptism of Our Lord, we celebrated our own spiritual birth through baptism.

The baptism of Jesus is a figure, or type, of our own baptism. At Jesus' baptism, three things happened: the heavens opened, the Holy Spirit descended, and a voice from heaven spoke. The same happens, in a certain sense, at the Christian baptism.

Co-heir with Christ

The heavens opening above the waters of Jordan reminds us that in the Old Testament the waters were opened by the power of God. When Moses led the chosen people out of Egypt, the waters of the Red Sea were opened, and the people walked through the waters and were delivered from Egypt and from pharaoh. Forty years later, when the successor of Moses, Joshua, led the chosen people into the Promised Land, the waters of the Jordan River were opened for the people to walk through.

In baptism, we are freed, not from the slavery of Egypt, but from the slavery of sin, not from the tyranny of pharaoh, but from the tyranny of Satan. Also, through baptism we enter into the Promised Land of Heaven. Heavens opening symbolizes that through baptism, we become co-heirs with Christ of the heavenly kingdom.

Since we are co-heir with Christ, we should firmly believe in His doctrine. We should also imitate His virtues and profess our faith in Him.

Temple of the Holy Spirit

The Spirit descending reminds us that in the beginning, the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the water (Genesis 1:2). It also reminds us that after the flood, Noah sent out a dove, which hovered over the water. Baptism is a new beginning and a new creation. Through baptism, a person is made a temple of the Holy Spirit, who descends into the soul, and by sanctifying grace, renders it pure and innocent as a dove. The infused virtues and the gifts of the Holy Spirit are also bestowed to the soul at baptism.

Since we are temples of the Holy Spirit, we should respect His indwelling and be faithful to His inspirations.

Child of the Father

God the Father declared Jesus as His beloved Son. Baptism also makes us children of God. Jesus is the Son of God by nature, and we are sons of God by grace. The baptized becomes a child of God in whom God is well pleased.

A baptized person has God as his Father, the Church as his Mother, and fellow Christians as his brothers and sisters.

Baptism imprints on the soul an indelible character, which consecrates a person to God forever. We are children of God twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Since we are children of the Father, we must manifest filial love towards Him and respect Him by the exact observance of His commandments.

Sign of the Christian

The sign of the Christian is the sign of the cross. It reminds us of our dignity, titles, and duties as Christians.

Our dignity: it was on the cross and at the price of the blood and death of Christ, that we are redeemed from the slavery of sin and regenerated to supernatural life.

Our titles: we are children of the Father, co-heirs with the Son, and temples of the Holy Spirit.

Our duties: we should walk in the footsteps of Christ crucified, whose disciples we are.

We enter the church making the sign of the cross with holy water. This gesture reminds us of our own baptism and our identity as Christians.


My Classroom Talk to High School Students:


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Personal Updates

Have not blogged for a few days now. Just want to put some personal updates & photos here.

Last weekend we have dinner for the poor with performances.







I blessed an apartment and had dinner there. We listened to FLL radio program together during dinner.











On Sunday, we had CWL Christmas party.




My project on the exposition of sacred relics is making some progresses.

I received the triptychs on the different mysteries of the rosaries from France. I am planning to group the sacred relics into four groups: Joyful (young saints & family saints), Luminous (preachers & teachers), Sorrowful (martyrs & those devoted to the Passion), & Glorious (mystics).





Holy relics of new blessed & saint. I believe that their lives will be good inspirations for young people and for all of us. The new blessed & saints in the Church help to create the culture of holiness.


Holy relics of 5 saints inside the crucifix. I am very thankful to the priest in Rome who sent me this reliquary. It is very good for my personal devotion to the Passion of Christ and to the saints. It is also very practical for pastoral works to give blessing to people.

image image