Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Sermon for Corpus Christi Sunday (June 6)

I gave a brief account about the origin of the Feast. You can read about it HERE and HERE. It’s the life story of St. Juliana.

I focused on 4 areas in the Gospel reading:

1. The setting of the miracle reminds us of the Mass

    • Jesus was present for the people (Jesus is present at Mass each Sunday, even though we might be absent or absent-minded)
    • Jesus cured the sick (we all need spiritual healing due to sin. We acknowledge our sins at the beginning of Mass, and Holy Communion heals our venial sins and help us avoid mortal sin)
    • Jesus taught the crowd the Kingdom of God (Jesus continues to teach us at Mass through the readings and the homily)

2. The Apostles realized their own helplessness in feeding the crowd, but Jesus performed the miracle through their hands

  • Today Christ performs the wonder of the Eucharist by feeding the crowd with His body through the hands of priests
  • Priest is consecrated, consecrator, and mediator. So priests ought to be holy and pure. Let’s keep priests in prayers at the conclusion of this Year for Priests
  • The more we appreciated the Holy Eucharist, the more we appreciated the Holy Priesthood


3. The gestures of Jesus at the miracle are similar to that at the Last Supper. Jesus gave thanks on both occasions. We should give thanks at Mass and after receiving Holy Communion.

4. Jesus chose to make use of the 5 loaves and 2 fish of the little boy to perform wonder. Jesus now use the bread and wine offered by the people to feed us with His body and blood. We should give ourselves and make sacrifices.

  • One loving sacrifice we make is to spend time each Sunday to come to Mass. It trains us to put God first.
  • At Mass, we make small sacrifices to keep ourselves attentive--- focus on God and prayer
  • We make this one hour important by the way we dress. At summer time, we should come to church with modesty. Do not dress like as if you are coming to a beach.

Our Lady is the best model in all these 4 areas:

1. She is also present at Mass to help us pray

2. She is the Mother of all priests

3. She gave thanks to God with her Magnificat. It was said that after the Ascension, Our Lady received Holy Commnunion from St. John, and she prayed Magnificat at her thanksgiving after her Communion.

4. She prepares us for Holy Communion and helps us to make sacrifices