Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Note on Sacred Relics


Recently I have received some inbox messages asking me for information and addresses to obtain sacred relics.

I do not want to be rude, but given the large amount of abuses going on regarding sacred relics recently, I have decided not to give information to anyone whom I do not know personally. Also, please understand that I would not exchange relics with anyone. For me, sacred relics are too holy to be exchanged.

Thank you for your understanding.


I have a basket with written prayer intentions from the faithful and students in our Archdiocese. If you have prayer intentions, please feel free to send them to me ( I will print them and put them into the basket. This basket is placed close to sacred relics, and I pray for these intentions daily.

Also my 3 prayer groups: At the end of our prayer meeting, we pray the Litany of Loreto before sacred relics for those who have asked us to pray for them.