Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sunday Sermon & Baptism (July 18, 2010)

Some main points of my Sunday sermon:

  • Both 1st Reading & Gospel is about hospitality
  • Jesus is our guest but not everyone accept Him
  • If we welcome Him as guest, He also becomes our Master.
  • Jesus becomes the guest of our Church’s communities when we:
    1. Pray together
    2. Listen to the Word of God
    3. Celebrate the Sacraments, especially the Holy Eucharist
  • Jesus becomes the welcome guest of our families when we:
    1. Pray as a family
    2. Not allow sin to take root
  • Jesus becomes the guest of our soul by Baptism and Holy Eucharist
    • We should not exclude Him by sin
    • If we have sinned, we should clean the house of our heart by Contrition and Confession.
  • We should welcome Jesus into our work, prayer, and suffering
  • It is very important not to lose our orientation and direction in the midst of our works
  • Sunday Mass and prayer help us to focus on Christ
  • Martha represents the active life, while Mary represents the contemplative life
  • In the past, this Gospel was read on the Feast of the Assumption of Our Lady who, in the fulfillment of her maternal office toward her Son, played the part of Martha as well as that of Mary
  • Christ is close to us in suffering
  • St. Paul suffered becuase of his inabiliby to go around preaching the Gospel as he had done for years. He also heard about the troubles in the various Christian communities.
  • However, St. Paul united his sufferings with that of Christ’s.
  • Christ won the grace of salvation for all of us on the Cross, but our sufferings help to apply His saving grace to souls.

Baptism of baby boy last Sunday.