Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Talks @ Prayer Groups

Recently, I gave talks to my prayer groups on the voluntariness and circumstances of human acts from the Summa Theologica.


  • Human act is any thought, word, deed, desire, or omission which comes from a man by his free, knowing, and deliberate choice. Hence human act is voluntary.
  • Animals lack intellect and will, and can only be guided by sense knowledge
  • Violence (or force from outside) cannot directly affect the human will. The will has 2 kinds of acts: elicited acts which completed within the will itself (e.g. loving, hating, desiring, intending), and commanded acts which are completed by other powers (e.g. walking, reading, studying). Violence cannot directly affect elicited acts, but can hamper or prevent commanded acts.
  • When a person acts through fear and/or  concupiscence, the will is still voluntary, thoguh voluntariness might be lessoned by them.
  • Ignorance can be consequent or antecedent.
    • consequent ignorance: ignorance is voluntary
    • antecedent ignorance: it is not voluntary, and yet it is the cause of man’s willing what he would not will otherwise


  • Circumstances--- the particular conditions of each act
  • 7 circumstances: who, what, where, by what aids, why, how, and when
    1. Circumstances touch the act itself: when (time), where (place), how (mode of acting)
    2. Circumstances touch the cause of the act: why (final cause), who (principal efficient cause), by what aids (instrumental efficient cause)
    3. Circumstance touches the effect of the act: what
  • “The most important circumstances are why it is done and what is done.”---St. Gregory of Nyssa
    1. Why: the motive and object of the will (the end)
    2. What: touches the very substance of the act

Information of my 3 prayer groups:

Hearts of Jesus and Mary Prayer Group (around 40-50 people)

  • In Cantonese
  • Every 1st & 3 rd Sunday
  • 7 PM to 9 PM
  • Corpus Christi Parish, Vancouver

Our Lady of Fatima Prayer Group (around 20 people)

  • In English
  • Every 1st & 3rd Monday
  • 7 PM to 9 PM
  • St. Patrick’s Parish, Vancouver

Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Prayer Group (around 15 to 20 people)

  • In Cantonese
  • Every 2nd & 4th Monday
  • 9:45 AM to 11 AM
  • At a private home (SE Vancouver, close to Burnaby)

Our Meetings:

Rosary with guided meditations (Evening groups have Night Prayer & Benediction as well).

Talk on Summa Theologica & Lives of the Saints.

Pray Litany of Loreto before holy relics. Blessing of Mary, Help of Christians. Individual blessing with holy relics.