Saturday, August 7, 2010

Real Catholic TV


Recently, I have been following almost daily. Each day (Monday to Friday), there is Catholic News Roundup, and a short program, The Vortex.

The programs are short, up-to-date and informative. I like that fact that I can watch them anytime I want.

Please visit their site HERE. 


This week presented their latest Catholic Investigative Agency (CIA) episode on the Mass.

This episode is entitled “Weapons of MASS Destruction”.

Something I learnt from this episode are:

  • the 2 schools of thoughts of Liturgical Reform: First, to educate the people for the understanding of the Mass; second, to change the Mass for the people.
  • The Mass is primary the Sacrifice. It’s about God more than us.
  • The ways we pray affect the ways we believe; and the ways we believe affect the ways we live

Please click HERE to watch the episode. is staffed by dedicated lay people, who are not afraid to speak up for the truth. Let us keep them in our prayers.