Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pax Sinica Article (2010年11月1日): Virgin of the Revelation appeared at Tre Fontane 「三泉堂」啟示的童貞

Last week we looked at the topic of discernment regarding private revelations. In the last century there were a number of Marian apparitions which received approval from the authority of the Church. This month we are going to look at some of these apparitions.

Tre Fontane (The Three Fountains) in Rome is, according to tradition, the site of St. Paul's martyrdom. In 1947 Our Lady appeared at a nearby cave to a fallen-away Catholic, Bruno Cornacchiola. He was a militant Seventh Day Adventist who had a great hatred for the Church. He even planned to assassinate Pope Pius XII on September 8, 1947.

The apparition

On April 12, 1947 (Easter Saturday), Bruno was preparing an anti-Catholic and anti-Marian talk for the next day. In the afternoon he took his three children to the Trappist monastery at Tre Fontane because the shop there was famous for its chocolate. The shop opened at 4 p.m., and while waiting, the children played with a ball while Bruno sat in the shade with his Bible to prepare the talk.

At about 3:20 p.m. Bruno was disturbed by the children's shouts over their lost ball. As he was helping them to find the ball, the youngest child went missing. Bruno found him in the small cave, kneeling and repeating: "Beautiful Lady!"

Bruno asked the other two children for help, but soon they too knelt and repeated: "Beautiful Lady!"

Bruno tried in vain to lift up the children. He was terrified and cried out: "God help us!"

Then Bruno himself saw the beautiful lady. She wore a green mantle over a white dress with a rose-coloured sash around her waist. The lady was holding a Bible and called herself "Virgin of the Revelation." She identified herself as: "Daughter of the Father, the Mother of the Son, and Spouse and Temple of the Holy Spirit."

At her bare feet lay a black cloth which had a smashed crucifix on it. The black cloth is the symbol of priests abandoning their vocation, and the smashed crucifix is the symbol of Catholics abandoning their faith.

Our Lady talked to Bruno for about one hour and 20 minutes. The children could see her lips moving, but couldn't hear anything.

After the apparition Bruno was a changed man. He and the children went to the Trappist church to pray in thanksgiving. Before they went home Bruno scratched on the floor of the cave: "On 12th April 1947 the Virgin of Revelation appeared in this grotto to the Protestant Bruno Cornacchiola and his children and he was converted."

The messages

Here are some of the messages of the Virgin of the Revelation:

"You have persecuted me; now is the time to stop! Come and be part of the Holy Fold which is the Celestial Court on earth. God's promise is unchangeable and will remain so. The nine First Fridays in honour of the Sacred Heart, which your faithful wife persuaded you to observe before you walked down the road of lies, has saved you."

"I promise this special favour: with this sinful soil, I shall perform great miracles for the conversion of unbelievers and of sinners."

"Return to the pure source of the Gospel."

"Live the divine doctrine. Practise Christianity. Live the faith."

"Science will deny God and will refuse His calls."

"The Hail Marys that you pray with faith and love are like golden arrows that go straight to the heart of Jesus."

"Pray much and recite the Rosary for the conversion of sinners, of unbelievers, and of all Christians."


羅馬的「三泉堂Tre Fontane」相傳是聖保祿宗徒殉道之處。一九四七年,聖母在此地不遠的一個山洞內,給背叛聖教的貝諾.郝立樂Bruno Cornacchiola顯現。郝立樂仇視聖教會,並加入了「基督復臨安息日會」。他更計劃在一九四七年九月八日行弒教宗碧岳十二世。