Thursday, March 3, 2011

Happy Feast of St. Casimir

March 4 is the Feast of St. Casimir, Patron of Poland.

This 15th century saint was the son of Casimir III, King of Poland. He maintained his purity in the court environment through prayers and mortifications.

He had a great devotion to Mary and frequently recited the “Hymn of St. Casimir”. (Omni die dic Mariae/ Daily Daily Sing to Mary)

Daily, daily sing to Mary,
Sing, my soul, her praises due.
All her feasts, her actions worship
With the heart's devotion true.

Lost in wond'ring contemplation,
Be her Majesty confess'd.
Call her Mother, call her Virgin,
Happy Mother, Virgin blest.

She is mighty to deliver.
Call her, trust her lovingly.
When the tempest rages round thee,
She will calm the troubled sea.
Gifts of heaven she has given,
Noble Lady, to our race.
She, the Queen, who decks her subjects
With the light of God's own grace.

Sing, my tongue, the Virgin's trophies
Who for us her Maker bore.
For the curse of old inflicted,
Peace and blessing to restore.
Sing in songs of peace unending,
Sing the world's majestic Queen.
Weary not nor faint in telling.
All the gifts she gives to men.