Monday, August 29, 2011

Personal Highlights

 August 22: Legion of Mary Comitium meeting.


Please click HERE to listen and download my talk on the Immaculate Heart of Mary, as our Queen.

August 27: Last time to celebrate Mass @ old convent of Missionaries of Charity with MC co-workers.




August 28: Baptism of the young girl @ St. Michael’s


Please click HERE to listen to my Sunday Sermon on the meanings of Suffering. (Please click HERE for the Chinese radio talk on the same topic)

August 29: English Prayer Group @ my family home.



Please click HERE to listen to my prayer talk on the Virtue of Prudence.

Please click HERE to read my latest article on Blessed Luigi Guanella to be canonized on October 23.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

World Youth Day 2011

Last night, the Opening Mass for World Youth Day 2011 was celebrated in Madrid. In my prayers, I united myself to the ten of thousands of young people gathered in Madrid to express the Catholic Faith.

Please click HERE to listen and download the Chinese World Youth Day theme song by Photon.

Official Theme Song:

For coverage on World Youth Day, please visit EWTN and Salt & Light.

There are groups both from my current parish, St. Michael’s, and my former parish, St. Patrick’s. I pray that the young people will come back with their Faith strengthened and renewed.

The Holy Father is getting ready to go to Madrid….

Video of the Opening Mass.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Making sense of bad news

In recent days the internet @ St. Michael’s is not working properly. So, I have to reply emails and to update my site & blog from home!

There are a few bad news on the web, and I think we should pray for the people involved. However, there are sensible people who help to shed light in darkness.

Of course, there is the infamous London riots. Fr. Finigan has good blog posts about the social problems behind the riots---moral relativist and the undermining of marriage, the family, and the rights of parents.

There are concerns about Fr. Z, a prominent Catholic blogger, is being attacked. Please read his blog post for more details. There are more coverage about the event HERE and HERE. Let’s keep Fr. Z in our prayers.

We do not like to hear scandals, especially scandals within the Church. But Jennifer Fulwiler has an inspiring article entitled: Why the Scandals Increased My Faith in the Church.

This article reminded me of the traditional distinction between the “teaching Church” (ecclesia docens) and the “learning Church” (ecclesia discens). Even though members of the Church failed to live out what they learn, but the teaching authority of the Church is divinely protected by God to teach sound doctrine and moral.

The darkness of human infidelity helps us to appreciate the brightness of the fidelity of God! 

Friday, August 5, 2011

Some Highlights

July 17: First Chinese Mass @ Our Lady of Fatima, Coquitlam



July 23: Vancouver Evangelization Concert 2012 “Send Off Evening” for volunteers

image image

July 24: My 1st Baptism @ St. Michael’s, Burnaby


July 31: Dinner in honor of Cardinal Zen from Hong Kong, and Fr. John Lam from LA



August 1: English prayer group meeting with special guest----William Chow (Hong Kong Seminarian)


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