Friday, September 9, 2011

Baptism on the Birthday of Our Lady

Yesterday, September 8, was the Birthday of Our Lady. It was also the 13th anniversary of my entrance to the seminary.

It was a great joy for me to baptize, confirmed, and gave 1st Communion to Grandma Tam (譚婆婆) in Cantonese @ Our Lady of Fatima Parish.

The family & friends of Grandma Tam and some students of my Chinese Catechism class came to this joyous celebration.





Here are the main points of my sermon:

  • Grandma Tam and I shared the same birthday (March 23)
  • But from now on, we will have anniversary on the same date (September 8)---her Baptism and my entrance to seminary
  • We celebrate birthday of Jesus, Mary, and John the Baptist during the liturgical year because they were born without original sin
  • In Baptism, our sins are forgiven. Baptism is our spiritual birthday
  • Our Lady’s body was
    • without sin,
    • the temple of the Holy Spirit, and
    • the temple for the Body of Jesus
  • By Baptism & Confirmation, Grandma Tam will become the temple of the Holy Spirit
  • In Holy Communion, her body will also welcome the Body of Jesus
  • Entrust one’s spiritual life to Our Lady