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Think about it….

The world is approaching 7 billion in population. Is the world over populated?
Here are a few videos to help you to think about it….
The first video is about the actual “growth” in population:
The second video on poverty:

The third video is about the distribution of food:

Friday, October 14, 2011

St Teresa of Jesus

October 15 is the Feast of St. Teresa of Jesus.
I wrote an article about her and St. John of the Cross for the June 27, 2011 issue of The BC Catholic:

I also wrote an article on lukewarmness for the March 8, 2010 issue of The BC Catholic:

“St. Teresa of Avila became a nun around the age of 20. After a few years she became lukewarm. Only around the age of 40 did she become fervent again. Later on she identified a number of things which had caused her lukewarmness: first, paying little attention to venial sin; second, failing to avoid the people who caused her to sin; third, relying too much on herself rather than on God; fourth, neglecting the holy inspirations and light given by God.”

"Give me a person who has 15 minutes of mental prayer daily, and I will give you a saint."---St. Teresa of Jesus

Very Blunt Videos….

The has 2 blunt videos on topics of religion and politic yesterday and today.

The first video bluntly pointed out why Protestantism is not true religion:

  • Began 1600 years after Christ
  • Have their own set of scriptures (incomplete & interpreted by anyone)
  • Have different set of doctrines (40,000 Protestant sects cannot agree among themselves)

The second video bluntly pointed out that the sanctity of life and the sanctity of marriage are the main issues of politic and of election. Religion is THE Topic!

Since we are on the topic of “bluntness”, here is another blunt article entitled: “Stop Blaspheming Lucia of Fatima”. The author gave a good history on the development of Fatima.

Blessed John XXIII & the Papacy

This week, the topic of my classroom visits was on Blessed John XXIII and the Papacy.


I explained to the students that relics of the saints are not only in theca (container), but also in holy pictures.



I showed them a relic of Blessed John XXIII in holy picture.

Blessed John XXIII was a pure and simple man. He resolved to avoid even the smallest sin. He avoided things that would lead him to sin, he exercised moderations in food and drink, he was busy doing good, and he prayed a great deal.

Later on in life, he would pray 15 decades Rosaries daily.

He treated people with sincerity, honesty, and love, that he was greatly loved by the people. They called him “The Good Pope”.

Please read my article on Blessed John XXIII written 2 years ago:

To give students an idea of the importance of the Pope, I gave students numbers of population regarding parish, diocese, and the Church.


I also gave them the number Bishops and Priests in the whole world.


We should pray daily for the Pope, who is the leader of more than 1.1 Billion Catholics, 5,000 Bishops, and 400,000 Priests.

Finally, I gave them the names of Popes in recent history.



The Feast of Blessed John XIII is on October 11, and the Feast of Blessed John Paul II is on October 22.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Articles & Talks

I am currently working on a series of articles on the Creed for The B.C. Catholic newspaper.

To read the articles, please go to


Then go to “Search Articles according to Categories 文章按主題分類


Then go to “Catechetical Series 認識天主教教理



Then go to “Understanding the Creed 認識信經 "


Then click an article to read….


The article for this week (October 10) is on the Creation and the Fall of Angels.

Next week will be on the Creation and the Fall of Man. After that, there will be on article on Grace and Sin, followed by an article on Our Lady and Immaculate Conception.

After all these, we will explore the Mystery of the Incarnation.

My Chinese radio talks (Every Saturday: Toronto AM 1430 around 6:45 PM and Vancouver AM 1470 around 8:45 PM) are on the Sunday Gospel reading. They are usually pre-recorded at my home studio in group of 5. Usually my Sunday sermons in English have similar contents.

To listen to my Chinese radio talk, please  

go to


Then go to “「愛的恩泉」---- 『神修話語』(Radio Talks in Cantonese 廣東話電台節目)


For English sermon, please go to “Sunday Sermons (in English) 英文主日道理

My latest talk and sermon is on Matthew 22:1-14 on Wedding Feast and Wedding Garment:

  • We should not be indifferent about religion. Indifferent is very contrary to love. You can both love and hate a person at the same time, but you cannot love and being indifferent toward a person at the same time.
  • We need to response to the invitation of God by repentance. The chief priests and the Pharisees were proud and did not think they need repentance.
  • Watch out for incomplete conversion. We need to believe, but also we need to put Faith into practice.  We need Faith, but also Grace. Faith without Grace is lifeless, only Faith with Grace is a living Faith. We should open to Grace by good works.

Classroom Visitations

One of my favourite works at St. Michael’s is to visit the classrooms and to teach young people religion. Usually each visit takes about 10 to 15 minutes and I love to share stories of the saints with young people and to bless them with holy relics.
On September 15, I talked about Holy Cross.
  • The story of Jesus’ suffering
  • The story of the discovery of the True Cross by St. Helen
  • The meanings of “Relic”
  • Blessing with Relic of the True Cross
On September 21, I talked about Padre Pio.
  • He loved the Mass. He would elevated the Host for 10 minutes during Mass. Though he rarely preached at Mass, his Mass would last 2 hours. But people stilled flocked to attend his Mass, because of his deep devotion and piety. St. Pio himself said there were more dead people (i.e. souls from Purgatory) coming to his Mass than living people.
  • He loved the Confessional. St. Pio could read people heart and recite the sins of the penitent, before the penitent made his/her Confession. During WWII, St. Pio was about to tell people the whereabouts of loved ones who were fighting overseas.   
  • He loved to pray. He would like to be known as “the Friar who prays”. St. Pio prayed many Rosaries each day. He received the gifts of bilocation, sweet odour, and stigmata.
  • We can only admire the extraordinary gifts of Padre Pio, but we can all imitate his love for prayer and Sacraments. Let us strive to pray much and to pray well!
On September 28, I talked about St. Therese the Little Flower. She became holy by doing little things well. She was patient and loving even in difficult moments.
  • She lost her mother at 4
  • Was a touchy and sensitive girl
  • Was seriously ill at 10, and recovered after seeing the statue of Our Lady smiled to her
  • At 14 she receive the grace of controlling herself. She desired to be a saint and to be a nun
  • Became a nun at 15
  • 9 years as a nun doing ordinary things like setting up for Mass, cleaning things, teaching younger nuns, and helping older nuns. She became holy by doing all things well and with love.
  • Died at 24
  • Performed numerous miracles after her death
On October 5 & 6, I talked St. Francis of Assisi
  • He loved animals: preached to birds, and asked a wolf not to hurt people
  • The words “Church” and “Cross” are important for St. Francis
  • The word “Church” like the word “School” can refer to both building and people. The school community is made up of 2 groups of people: teachers and student. The Church community is also made up of 2 groups of people: clergy (priests) and faithful.
  • One day, Christ told St. Francis to repair His Church
  • Francis thought Christ meant the building. So he started fixing church buildings.
  • But eventually it became clear that Christ meant the Church community---the people
  • Francis repaired the Church by loving the Christ on the Cross
  • He followed Christ’s example---poor, forgiving, loving…
  • Our daily “Cross” is anything that is not easy, but we do it or put up with it for love of Christ
  • Our crosses include: homework, housework, getting up and going to bed on time, pray when tired, sickness, and suffering
It is wonderful to see the positive response of the students to the stories and relics of the saints. By the grace of God, may these young people continue to grow in Faith and holiness.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Feast of the Holy Rosary

Today is the Feast of the Holy Rosary. It is Thanksgiving Day for the Missionaries of Charity founded by Mother Teresa. It is also Feast day in our Archdiocese. Our Cathedral is Holy Rosary Cathedral.

This morning I had the joy to celebrate Mass at the new convent of the Missionaries of Charity in downtown, Vancouver.

image image


I placed the relic of Pope St. Pius V on the altar during Mass. It was Pius V who instituted today’s Feast after the victory on October 7, 1571.

These few days, I had the joy to honor different relics of saints on their feast days---St. Therese the Little Flower (October 1), St. Francis of Assisi (October 4), Blessed Bartolo Longo (October 5), and St. Bruno (October 6).

 image image

The Rosary is the favorite prayer of Our Lady because while on earth, meditating on the life of Jesus was the favorite form of prayer for her. Now in heaven, Our Lady wants her children to meditate on and to think about Jesus with her through the Rosary.

The repetition of Hail Mary provides an atmosphere to focus our mind to mediate with Mary.

On September 26, the five of us who were ordained in 2006 got together to celebrate Mass and had dinner. Happy 5th Anniversary to us!!!

image image

I am continuing the series of articles on The B.C. Catholic on the Creed.

You can read the series of articles HERE.

The latest article is on the Creation and the Fall of Angels.