Monday, October 10, 2011

Articles & Talks

I am currently working on a series of articles on the Creed for The B.C. Catholic newspaper.

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The article for this week (October 10) is on the Creation and the Fall of Angels.

Next week will be on the Creation and the Fall of Man. After that, there will be on article on Grace and Sin, followed by an article on Our Lady and Immaculate Conception.

After all these, we will explore the Mystery of the Incarnation.

My Chinese radio talks (Every Saturday: Toronto AM 1430 around 6:45 PM and Vancouver AM 1470 around 8:45 PM) are on the Sunday Gospel reading. They are usually pre-recorded at my home studio in group of 5. Usually my Sunday sermons in English have similar contents.

To listen to my Chinese radio talk, please  

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Then go to “「愛的恩泉」---- 『神修話語』(Radio Talks in Cantonese 廣東話電台節目)


For English sermon, please go to “Sunday Sermons (in English) 英文主日道理

My latest talk and sermon is on Matthew 22:1-14 on Wedding Feast and Wedding Garment:

  • We should not be indifferent about religion. Indifferent is very contrary to love. You can both love and hate a person at the same time, but you cannot love and being indifferent toward a person at the same time.
  • We need to response to the invitation of God by repentance. The chief priests and the Pharisees were proud and did not think they need repentance.
  • Watch out for incomplete conversion. We need to believe, but also we need to put Faith into practice.  We need Faith, but also Grace. Faith without Grace is lifeless, only Faith with Grace is a living Faith. We should open to Grace by good works.