Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Holy Relics & Holy Souls

I have been relatively quiet these days in the blogosphere. I was away last week for Clergy Study Week, and I have been suffering from minor flu. Also, I have been busy writing articles for The BC Catholic newspaper.

From time to time, I also enjoy spending time with the converts whom I was blessed to baptize in the past few years. And I am currently preparing some Chinese people for Baptism. Please keep these beloved people in your prayers!

I am still working on the series of articles on the Creed. You can view the articles here:

My latest article (for the week of November 21) is on Redemption:

 Christ conquers sin and death for us 基督戰勝了罪惡和死亡

I am grateful for the quiet moments to enrich my spiritual life, and I thank God for the holy relics.

Last week, at the Clergy Study Week, I brought with me the holy relics of St. Albert the Great, St. Margaret of Scotland, and St. Elizabeth of Hungary.

I also preached a Day of Recollection to Chinese people last Saturday (November 19) in the presence of these holy relics.



I preached two conferences on the Day of Recollection. The first talk focused on Blessed John Paul II, and the second talk on Holy Souls in Purgatory.



I have been talking quite a bit about the Holy Souls in this month of November. I especially enjoy reading “An Unpublished Manuscript on Purgatory”----private revelations approved by Church’s authority.

I gave a presentation on the book in English at a prayer gathering last Monday (November 21). You may listen and download my talk here:

This week, I brought from home the relics of St. Cecilia, St. Clement, St. Catherine of Alexandria, and couple of Vietnamese Martyrs. Three saints with names start with letter “C”.