Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Some Personal Highlights

October 15-16 Fundraising events @ St. Michael’s (Books Sale, Test Drive, & Walkathon)


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October 16 FLL volunteers get-together

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Talks (in Cantonese) I gave to the volunteers as part of their spiritual formation:




Weeks of October 16 and of October 23

Classroom visits @ school and PREP---on Blessed John Paul II


Also mentioned the canonization of Louis Guanella

My article on Blessed John Paul II:


My articles on Saint Louis Guanella:




October 30 All Saints Party with Chinese friends

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October 31 Holy Hour with members of prayer groups (40 Days for Life)

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All Saints Eve

Prayerful veneration of holy relics @ home

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Today (November 1)

Wish Father Benno Burghard a happy birthday tomorrow!

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Today, I decided to become a member of the

Pious Union of St Joseph for the Suffering and Dying

“O St Joseph, Foster Father of Jesus Christ
and true spouse of the Virgin Mary;
Pray for us, and for the suffering and dying of this day/night.
St Joseph
, Pray for us.”