Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Highlights from August to October

Baby Baptisms from August to October

Relic of Saint John Bosco on August 16 (200th birthday of the Saint) 

Relics of Saint Therese of Lisieux and her parents, Saints Louis and Celia (Zelie), on October 18 (the day of canonization of Saints Louis and Celia)

Pilgrimage to the U.S. from October 5 to 9
16 of us made this pilgrimage by cars

October 5 (Monday): Shrine of Our Lady of Perpetual Help ( Olympia, WA )

Staying at Our Lady of Peace Retreat House (Beaverton, OR) from October 5 (Monday) to October 9 (Friday)

October 6 (Tuesday): the Grotto in Portland, OR 

October 6 (Tuesday): Holy Rosary Church and Rosary Centre in Portland, OR 

October 7 (Wednesday): Our Lady of Guadalupe Trappist Abbey (Carlton, OR) 

October 7 (Wednesday): Brigittine Monks----Priory of Our Lady of Consolation (Amity, OR)

 October 8 (Thursday): St. Mary Parish (Mt. Angel, OR) 

October 8 (Thursday): Benedictine monks of Mount Angel Abbey 

October 9 (Friday): Sisters of Reparation of the Sacred Wounds of Jesus (Portland, OR) 

October 9 (Friday): The Proto Cathedral of St. James the Greater (Vancouver, WA) 

October 9 (Friday evening): Dinner with yummy Chinese food at a home in Langley, BC, Canada